Why Rich Franklin is a PR Goldmine

Posted: June 23, 2010 in PR, UFC

Rich “Ace” Franklin recently defeated – and potentially retired – Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell at UFC 115.  Although he broke his arm in the process, “Ace” once again reminded fans why he was such a dominant force as a former UFC champion and reminded marketers why he is a PR Goldmine for the sport.

For those that are not familiar with Franklin, I recommend the following piece from The Bleacher Report for background.  Franklin is one of the most well-rounded fighters in MMA today.  He has solid striking, good ground skills and is one of the most cerebral fighters of all time.  His game plans are almost as frightening as his knockout power.

When you take this athleticism and then factor in the below list, it won’t surprise you why I think he is one of the most marketable figures in MMA today.

  • The Background – We’ve all heard the story, Franklin is a former school teacher turned MMA star.  It may not be new to you, but it continues to help promote him as a marketable asset.  Intelligent and well-spoken, he proves in interviews that you don’t have to be a brute to be a fighter.
  • The Respect – The man can work the mic like no other.  He rarely speaks out against his opponent and always shows class and respect in victory and defeat.  Anderson Silva destroyed him twice – and he still took the time to tell the crowd to show Silva the respect he deserved as a fighter.
  • The Ladies Man – No, not that type of playboy.  Franklin is a happily married man.  However, the fact that he doesn’t look like Big Nog helps him with a female fanbase.  More importantly, that helps make him marketable for TV and print ads.
  • The Company Man – Franklin is always willing to do what is best for the UFC.  He never makes claims or demands title shots in his interviews.  He always notes he is willing to fight whoever the UFC wants him to.  This is evident in his move to light heavy weight and the number of catch weight fights he has taken on in the last few years to help build out weaker cards.
  • The Drive for Charity work/Military Support –Like many respectable athletes, Franklin is involved in a number of charities and continues to show support with trips overseas to visit the troops.    You can see a number of his activities on his website: http://www.richfranklin.com/photo.php
  • The Man Dressed in Pink – Johnny Cash had black, Franklin has the color pink.  Even his cast is pink.  Although I haven’t been able to figure why he is drawn to the color it speaks volumes to the personality.  In a sport that can be dominated by machismo, he is comfortable enough to wear a color that may not be popular among other fighters.

For the sport to truly take off and expand from its current fanbase (loyal but niche) and expand to the general public it will need more Rich Franklin-like figures.  Who do you think is the next Rich Franklin?

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