Being a Pro Wrestler Does NOT Make You Brock Lesnar

Posted: June 22, 2010 in Strikeforce, UFC

Here we go again.  First there were rumors that Kurt Angle was going to throw his hat into the MMA ring.  Then we saw Bobby Lashley co-brand himself as a TNA wrestler and “MMA superstar” with STRIKEFORCE.  Now another pro wrestler decided his time in the cage had arrived.  Yesterday, Cagewriter reported that 41 year old David Batista was rumored to also have joined the ranks of the heavyweights in STRIKEFORCE.

This is not a trend I want to see continue.  What’s next? Will Dana White and the UFC look to sign the following wrestlers:

What can we expect next? Orton vs Jackson?

  • Gregory “The Hurricane” Helms;
  • Eugene;
  • Hornswaggle; or ,
  • The Great Kali?

MMA is a sport – NOT sports entertainment. The more we begin to pull in names vs athletes the more the sport becomes a joke and an abomination.   WWE stars need to stay in the WWE not the Octagon.  These aren’t two sports that leave room for a lot of back and forth talent swapping.  (Let’s not forget Ken Shamrock’s brief and horrible time as a pro wrestler.)

I’ll admit I was not happy to see Brock Lesnar join the UFC so quickly into his MMA career but at least I knew he had a legit background in his NCAA wrestling.  You couple that base with his freaky genetics and hard work ethic and you have a true MMA rarity. The problem is, this is not a repeatable equation and I think many pro wrestlers think it is.

I’m hoping this Batista rumor is just that – a rumor.   If it’s not, I’ll pre-order my tickets for UFC 125: Hogan vs Savage.

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