The Way of the Brisk: MMA Meets Ice Tea

Posted: June 17, 2010 in Marketing, UFC

The last few months have brought us some great TV ads featuring some of MMA’s elite selling products that the average Joe would have heard of – not just TapOut gear.  This is great for the fighters (large paycheck I’m sure) and for the sport as it is another check mark in the larger battle for public acceptance.  We have seen Rampage Jackson star in a Nike ad, George St Pierre star in an Underarmour ad, and now Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell stars in an ad for….Brisk Ice Tea?

That’s right.  In one of the most pleasant surprises I’ve come across on Twitter, the MMA world started pushing the “The Way of the Brisk,” video.  This new ad takes us back a few years.  Do you remember when Brisk had a whole line of amusing claymation videos staring Bruce Lee, Ralph “The Karate Kid” Macchio, and others?  Well, it looks like they are back and this time, they have Chuck on board.

The video stars a crazed “Tiny Chuck,” that breaks loose and wreaks havoc on the world.  Filmed in mock-u-mentary form, the video interviews fake movie personnel and Chuck himself about the little clay terror.  For me, the video definitely struck a few chords of creativity and humor that I look for in a TV ad.  More importantly, unlike a lot of commercials, I was able to remember this was a Brisk commercial when it was done.

As a PR guy, the only second glance I gave the video is that “Tiny Chuck” does punch out a few women on the set of the fake movie.  Given the recent Tito Ortiz fiasco, that could have probably been edited out.  However, I’m going to guess this was shown to test groups who didn’t have a problem with the content.

Overall, I love this entire concept. Kudos to Chuck for reminding us he has a good sense of humor and for Brisk for embracing a professional fighter for a spokesperson.  What did you think of the commercial?


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