Social Made Simple: Team Lesnar vs. Team Carwin

Posted: June 14, 2010 in Marketing, PR, Social Media, UFC

The key for many social media tools is ease of use:  No one wants to join a community if it takes too many steps; no one wants to comment on a blog if they have to fill out a lengthy profile, etc, etc…  Over the last few years large brands have jumped on the social media train either too quickly and been unable to respond to fans or jumped in too headstrong and made products that are too complicated for even hardcore Web junkies to use.   Today across Twitter I saw a simple and interesting social tool begin to jump from the UFC.

Typically with every card, the UFC creates a microsite that features profiles of the fighters on the card, some video interviews, desktop wallpapers and usually information on how to buy the PPV.  This time around, I see that UFC 116 has a site that is a little different.  The site’s homepage offers a lengthy Twitter stream of fighters and fans alike offering their predictions for the undisputed heavy weight fight between Champion Brock Lesnar and Interim Champion Shane Carwin.

Fans can compare their predictions to stars like Forrest Griffin.

In addition to this, the site offers fans the chance to upload a badge to brag whether they are a member of Team Lesnar or Team Carwin.   Facebook and Twitter badges are great ways for companies to spread a message to a large audience.  Fans always like free stuff and often want to show their affiliation for their idols on their various profiles.  Although this Team battle lacks the sex appeal of Team Jolie vs Team Aniston, or the teeny bopper squeals of Team Edward vs. Team Jacob, it is certainly an amusing concept.  I’ll certainly be keeping an eye to this site for fan’s predictions to see how the UFC community sees this fight going down.  This is definitely more interesting than the typical sites and I’m more inclined to buy the thoughts produced than I am the mobile text surveys they show us during the cards.

How does your prediction match up to fellow fans?

Social media doesn’t have to be difficult and it certainly doesn’t have to be something only Web geeks understand.  This is a simple and fun way to keep fans engaged and talking about the PPV up until Bruce Buffer 180s into his introductions.

In the coming weeks I’m going to kick off a series that showcases how the big three U.S. MMA groups UFC, Strikeforce and Bellator compare in use of social media tools or elements.

What social media tools do you use?

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